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Ms. Zhnetta Torosyan


My name is Zhneta Torosyan I've been working at LAUSD since 2000. I started as a teacher's assistant for three years, and have been working as a teacher since 2003. My credentials include Bachelor of Education degree in Elementary Education, Child Development Teacher Permit, and Child Development Site Supervisor Permit. I'm also bilingual (Armenian). I currently work with 3-4 year old children, and love them very much. I take pride and enjoy my work.

Mrs. Diane Solis


My name is Diane Solis, I have worked at Pinewood EEC for 17 years.  I have seen many children come through our school.  I've had former students return with their own children who now attend pinewood EEC. If you love your job, you are ahead of the game.  That's me!

Mrs. Rose Gutierrez

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My name is Rose Gutierrez, I am a mother of three grown children.  When I was raising my children, I learned that it is very important to give them the necessary support they need to success in their education starting in preschool. I have been working for the Los Angeles Unified School District for 13 years as a teacher aide and have worked with ages from infant to 8 years old. I enjoy working with children, especially like it when I see the children’s eyes light up and sparkle when they begin to understand something from the teacher’s lesson. There is no greater feeling to see their little faces light up. I feel that this is by far the best job to have.

Ms. Narine Khosrovian


I, Narine Khosrovian, hold a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education and Master of Science in Educational Administration. I am fluent in English, Armenian, and Russian languages.  More than twenty years have had experience in education. I highly value education and the most essential part of my educational experience has always been the intent to make a difference in child’s life 

Mrs. Rubina Derstepanian


My name is Rubina Derstepanian, I have two daughters. I have worked with LAUSD since 1992 and I have enjoyed my job ever since.