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Contact Veronica Bautista  Veronica Bautista Teacher
Contact Hilda Bedrosian  Hilda Bedrosian Staff
Contact Angineh Margousian  Angineh Margousian Staff
Contact Jeanette Sanchez  Jeanette Sanchez Staff
Contact Geneva Sullivan  Geneva Sullivan Teacher

Room 1

Ms. Veronica Bautista (3A) 

Hello my name is Veronica, “B”. I am a teacher at Pinewood E.E.C. for many years. I am currently stated working in Room #1 with the two and three year olds, I love it. I love then, the children are truly one of the greatest passions of my life and I honestly believe it’s a great privilege to work with your children, “our children.”

 I have also been a T.A. for about a few years, some years as a bilingual (English and Spanish) T.A. and special education T.A. I am also a senior at C.S.U.N. with a major in Child Development and Psychology.

My name is Hilda Bedrosian, I have been working with LAUSD since 2003. I love working with children and during my free time I enjoy cooking and sewing.

Ms. Geneva Sullivan (3B)

My name is Geneva Sullivan. I have been teaching preschool students for almost 20 years. I have worked with children ages 2 to 5 years old.  I love watching children grow and love seeing the excitement in their faces from learning new things. I also enjoy singing, ministering, and volunteering my services within the community.

Mrs. Jeanette Sanchez
Jeanette Sanchez

My name is Jeanette Sanchez. I have been with Los Angeles Unified School District for the past 13 years working as a teacher assistant. In all my years of experience and as a mother  of three boys, I have learned that with children every day is a new experience. I love working and learning new things with the children and I hope to learn with your child as well. Thank you for your confidence and trust in me.

Mrs. Angineh Margousian

My name is Angineh Margousian I got my bachelor degree in teaching in 2013. I have taken child development classes in GCC. I love teaching and working with kids. During my free time I enjoy baking.