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Room 2

Mrs. Narine

I, Narine Khosrovian, hold a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education and Master of Science in Educational Administration. I am fluent in English, Armenian, and Russian languages.  More than twenty years have had experience in education. I highly value education and the most essential part of my educational experience has always been the intent to make a difference in child’s life. 

 Hello my name is Veronica, “B”. I am a teacher at Pinewood E.E.C. for many years. I am currently stated working in Room #1 with the two and three year olds, I love it. I love then, the children are truly one of the greatest passions of my life and I honestly believe it’s a great privilege to work with your children, “our children.” 

I have also been a T.A. for about a few years, some years as a bilingual (English and Spanish) T.A. and special education T.A. I am also a senior at C.S.U.N. with a major in Child Development and Psychology.

Hi my name is Raisa Khachatryan and I have been working with LAUSD since 2004. I have my Associates degree in Child Development and I currently hold a Teacher's Permit and I also enjoy spending time with my family. I believe each child is unique and that we need to accommodate accordingly to each child's needs.

My name is Rima Petrosian. I have been happily married for 34 years and I have two children. I have been working for the LAUSD since 1992. During this time, I have also taken child development classes at Glendale Community College to expand my knowledge and skills as they relate to teaching and children.

My name is Frank Velasquez and I have been with the District of Los Angles since 2002. I have been in Pinewood EEC since 2004. As I learn to grow in early childhood education it has become an important factor and I strong believe that all children have the right to a good education at a young age.