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Contact Melina Amirian  Melina Amirian Staff
Contact Patricia Flores  Patricia Flores Staff
Contact Mariam Ilanyan  Mariam Ilanyan Teacher
Contact Narine Khosrovian  Narine Khosrovian Teacher
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Room 2

Mrs. Narine (2B)

I, Narine Khosrovian, hold a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education and Master of Science in Educational Administration. I am fluent in English, Armenian, and Russian languages.  More than twenty years have had experience in education. I highly value education and the most essential part of my educational experience has always been the intent to make a difference in child’s life. 

Mrs. Rima Petrosian

My name is Rima Petrosian. I have been happily married for 34 years and I have two children. I have been working for the LAUSD since 1992.  During this time, I have also taken child development classes at Glendale Community College to expand my knowledge and skills as they relate to teaching and children.

Mr. Frank Velasquez

My name is Frank Velasquez and I have been with the District of Los Angeles since 2002. I have been in Pinewood EEC since 2004. As I learn to grow in early child education it has become an important factor and strong believe that all children have a right to a good education at a young age.

My name is Patricia Flores. I am a teachers aide  and I have been with LAUSD since 2018. I am bilingual in Spanish and English. Working with children has always been my passion. Every child is different and part of what I love to do is that I get to help each child discover his own strength.

Mrs. Mariam (2A)

My name Mariam Ilanyan, I have been working for LAUSD for 10 years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, a California Teaching Credentials, Site Supervisor permit and have various occupation certificates (such as working with children with exceptional needs and specialization in Literacy. I am a mentor teacher from L.A. Mission College. I believe that learning and development occurs when children interact with the environment and people around them. In, addition, daily activities and lessons are meaningful for my students. I will have very high standards and expectations for all of my students. I believe in being a good role model, someone who can encourage and make a difference.

My name is Ana Pleitez and I have been with LAUSD since 2005. I enjoy being around children and working with them. I believe that teachers play an important role in a child's life. I  am bilingual in Spanish and English.

Hi my name is Melina Amirian, I have been working for LAUSD since 2005. I received my AA in Child Development from LAMC. I speak English, Armenian and Farsi. I love my job because I enjoy working with children and watching them develop new skills as they grow.